Random Stuff I Found #1 - Igorrr

Random Stuff I Found Mar 21, 2020

Today while browsing the Internet I randomly found this bizarre music video for the track Very Noise by the french music project Igorrr. The track features a combination of Metal, Breakcore and Baroque music. The video is produced by the artist collective Meat Dept. based in Paris and Los Angeles. They have previously worked with the adult-oriented TV channel Adult Swim and they have even shown one of their admittedly very weird but also kind of intriguing short films at the Sundance Festival in 2017. I don't even know what to say about this video and this track, however, because they are so utterly random and alien to me. I am completely at a loss for words, so just listen and watch for yourself:

Igorrr - Very Noise - Music Video

The cover image is the thumbnail of the YouTube Video.


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