Fancy Friday Feature #2 - Kllo

Fancy Friday Feature Apr 3, 2020

The day before yesterday, the Australian band Kllo released an awesome new track coupled with a music video, which led me to relisten to their catalog and I have to say: It's amazing. The Melbourne based group, consisting of the cousins Chloe Kaul and Simon Lam, produces moody music that is a mix of R&B, UK garage, and 2-step beats. Their music has many facets. Although their work radiates somewhat sad emotions and evokes a certain feeling of nostalgia - reinforced by their retro-style music videos - nonetheless, their songs can also be danced to and sound pretty modern.

Just like the rest of their works, their most recent track, Still Here, is released on the label Ghostly International, which is also home to artists, such as Tycho, Matthew Dear or Recondite. Although the theme of the song certainly is not an international disease, but rather a complicated relationship between two lovers, the lyrics still kind of fit the emotions some people might feel during the pandemic of the Coronavirus, that currently is happening in the world. Some people might feel hopeless, but they're still here and still alive.

Kllo - Still Here - Music Video

The second song I want to recommend is Potential, which is probably my favorite work of theirs. The track either is in an odd time signature or has some type of broken beat with syncopated rhythms. I can't quite tell, but I dig it. These broken beats also fit the theme of the song: a breakup. In the lyrics, Kaul talks about the happy memories of a past relationship, which ultimately didn't work out and thus missed out on potential.

Kllo - Potential - Music Video

Another nice track of theirs and possibly their most popular is Predicament. It recounts thoughts of a person, who is unsure whether his significant other is the one true love. That person thus finds itself in a predicament.

Kllo - Predicament

All in all, I can recommend the complete catalog of Kllo and I am very much looking forward to their second album Maybe We Could due to be released on July 17.

The cover image is the thumbnail of the YouTube Video to Potential.


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