Fancy Friday Feature #1 - The Blaze

Fancy Friday Feature Mar 20, 2020

Just recently I rediscovered The Blaze, a band from Paris consisting of the two cousins Guillaume and Jonathan Alric.  It's hard to describe their sound, but the best I can put into words is a mixture of French House, Minimal House and a little bit of Paul and Fritz Kalkbrenner. In my opinion, however, the sound of The Blaze sounds more organic and warmer than the tracks of the Kalkbrenners of this world. A reoccurring element of tracks by The Blaze also is the down-pitched male voice singing. Although their music is already amazing on its own, the duo is not only famous for musical work, but also for their beautiful music videos, that they additionally direct themselves. Those videos can almost be compared to short films as they, just like their music tracks, tell intriguing stories about humans and their relationships with each other without every speaking a word other than the music itself.

If you want to personally get a glimpse at their lovely creations, just watch this incredible music video for the track Territory from their extraordinary debut album Dancehall, published in 2018. It shows an emotional homecoming of a young man after spending a long time away from his family.

The Blaze - Territory - Music Video

Another wonderful music video is the video for the track Heaven. It shows a group of friends and family just having a great time chilling in a field. The video and the track together really capture the feeling of being alive and what it means to have fun. It really makes you happy and thankful for being able to live.

The Blaze - Heaven - Music Video

The third music video I want to show you is produced for the track Queens. It explores the themes of loss and mourning by showing the ups and downs of the relationship of two young women in retrospect.

The Blaze - Queens - Music Video

At the end of this feature I want to recommend the complete catalogue of music and videos produced by the The Blaze to you. Their music really helps in getting a better appreciation for your own life. They really do amazing work, that deserves even more attention than it already gets.

The cover image is by Benjamin Loyseau.


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